Now the question marks in our heads are gone and we decided to own the cat. So what do we need to take to look after our cat properly? What are the general cat care products, what we need to buy for cat care now we will examine it.

At first, for our cat, carrying bag, litter box, food bowl, water bowl, scratching board, nail scissors and cat comb will be enough if it does not go out.

Cat Carrier:

The cat carrier bag in the picture, which you can easily find on the internet and every standard petshop, will be sufficient. As soon as I take the bag out before I go somewhere, it immediately gets inside. In fact, most of the time at night, my cat sleeps in the cat carrier.

How to Be a Cat Litter Box?

At first I bought a closed small cat toilet. Later, I bought a large model with a grill where the sand was poured from the foot when it was closed. Then i was comfortable.

I definitely do not recommend open-top toilets. The sand is always going outside. With the sand, of course, sometimes poop.

I don’t know what automatic cat toilets are, but I do know the prices are too high.

Cat toilet cleaning; When I bought a small toilet, I was cleaning every day. After I enlarge the toilet, I clean every two days for one cat. You can easily do the cleaning in 5 minutes by shovel.

In the selection of cat litter, I definitely recommend the cat litter, which is lumpy. I use fine grained clumping cat litter and I am very satisfied.

I’ve tried many brands of your choice as a brand, but in general I’ve decided on the fine-grained cat sand without perfumery.

Perfumed ones quickly create a very bad smell. Still, if there are brands you can recommend you can write in the comments section.

In addition, there are those who use pine pellets instead of cat litter that I have not tried yet have good and bad reviews as soon as I will update this article by experimenting.

Cat food bowl: 

The cat food bowl can be a wide standard or steel-clad for cats. The important thing here is to clean it at regular intervals.

I use two different bowls, like in the pictures. The white one normally has an upper chamber as well, but it makes more sense to use it if you’re feeding two or more cats. Because the feed that stays there for a long time can form bacteria.

It is extremely important that you clean the food bowls once a week by using bleach or other cleaning products and rinsing them. Because if those containers are not cleaned for a long time, they can produce bacteria. This negatively affects your cat’s health.

There are also automatic food bowls, but I can’t comment because I never use them.

You can read in detail from my how cats should be fed page as it is a bit longer subject which foods should be used. (coming soon)

Cat Water Bowl:

One of the most important materials is the water bowl. The health of our cat regularly drinking water is extremely important, especially for kidney diseases.

The water bowl to be selected may be from antibacterial standard water containers. But cats, by nature, love to drink from moving water rather than stagnant water. Some cats even love to drink water at the fountain. This causes them to drink less than stagnant water.

That’s why I created moving water for my cat using an aquarium waterfall filter. In this way, drinking water increased significantly.

You can make a water bowl in this way easily by looking at the video. It is also healthier to have a water bowl where you can be very practical and comfortable as well as being made of glass.

Since the water is also filtered, I do a full pour and refresh in a month and a half. Of course, first fill the container with your treatment or drinking water.

In general cat care products water bowl quality is most important for cat’s health.

Cat Scratching Board:

Cats, by their nature, feel the need to scratch their nails and rub them on hard objects to develop their muscles or exercise. They do this in nature by scratching places such as trees, slightly rough walls.

For this reason, it is necessary to buy a cat scratching board to meet this need of cats living at home. But it is better not to put kittens on a scratching board before 3-4 months. Because they may be able to break or hurt their wrists while scratching.

There are a wide variety of scratching boards on the market. Standard single long scratching boards obviously don’t work very well. My cat was never interested in the scratchboard I bought like that once before.

A little more complex on the house where he can play on the scratch boards will be more efficient. If you have manual skills, you can make a scratch board yourself by looking at how it’s done on the internet.

Nail clippers:

If your cat is not going outside (cats that go outside need nails to defend themselves) it is better to buy nail clippers made for cats.

Although some say the cat’s fingernail should not be cut, it is useful to cut it in terms of not damaging the things in the house and not constantly getting stuck around and harming itself.

However, the important point here is that the nail should be cut from below the pink part. Otherwise, your cat’s fingernail bleeds and unwanted situations occur. If you can’t trust yourself about this, you can take it to the vet for a nap. Some vets do not charge for this.

Cat Comb:

A proper cat comb is a must. We need to comb our cat at least twice a week. Otherwise, we try to sweep the house everywhere because of cat feather.

The comb you will buy should not pluck the cat’s solid hairs, it should only remove the plucked or lifeless feather on it.

I think these are the cat care products you should acquire in the first place. Apart from these, it can be a cat bed or a cat house. I bought a cat bed but mine never sleeps in it. It finds many different places.

You can also find free or low-cost cat houses related to the cat house, or you can choose the cat home ones on the scratching board.

Also, for newborns, if there is no mother feeding her baby, there are those who feed by buying a cat bottle.

You can visit my cat care costs page to calculate the cost of all these care products.

That is all i will write about general cat care products. You can use the comments section below for your questions and comments on the subject.

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