How Should Be A Zebra Finch Nest Box?

How should be a zebra finch nest box? What should be used as a nesting? which materials should be placed and which should not be used?

How Should A Zebra Finch Nest?

When choosing a zebra finch nest, large nest box should be preferred.

The ones that feed the zebra finch are generally the most preferred nest box are wicker nest. If you are going to buy these wicker zebra finch nest box, definitely choose the widest and deepest ones.

But the most suitable nest boxes are the classic wooden nest shown in the picture used for budgerigars.

These nestlings, which are mostly used for parakeet birds, are also suitable for zebra finches.

When it is necessary to intervene from the outside, the back of the wooden nests can be intervened more easily. In addition, if the nest is on top of the cage, the risk of the fall of the offspring is less in these nest boxes.

The only disadvantage of these wooden nests is that it takes longer for the zebra finch to get used to them than the Wicker nests and they may need to put too much nest material into them. But when the Cubs are born, they will have a wider and more comfortable viewing area.

Zebra finches, which are normally very curious, do not enter this nest for a long time, I think, because it is dark.

Especially in Wicker and narrow nestlings, when the pups defecate, they stick to their feet and their bodies and the risks of catching the disease are high. It’s tight inside, so it’s hard to get outside.

How do Zebra finches weave the nest, what materials should be given?

As a zebra finch nest material, you should first give soft materials such as napkins for the base. Materials such as brown flax fibers or coconut fiber can then be given.

Most used zebra finch nest box
Most used zebra finch nest box

You can also give Nest hairs sold at Pet shops for a figure like 5 dollars. They take them out and carry them to their nests in case they need them. You don’t necessarily need to give them in a specific order.

When you attach it to the base or right to left of the cage, usually the male zebra finch will pick it up and throw it into the nest at random. While you’re looking for a nest like this, you’ll see that it was arranged later.

In fact, it would have covered the walls with napkins, like wallpaper, so that the inside would not be viewed from the outside. Zebra finches are birds that care about their privacy and don’t like to be constantly watched from the outside.

An important note, however, do not put excessive material inside the cage. Because male zebra finches can fill the nest to an extreme extent without noticing, making it difficult to use the inside. He can squeeze every napkin you throw into your nest.

Soft grasses also put dried grass and their own feathers in the nest. In fact, when there is missing material, the male removes the female’s feathers and puts them in the nest.

Remember, choosing a good nest is the most important step for breeding. Click on the link for the breeding of zebra finches info.

What materials should not be given for nesting?

Cotton, rope, yarn and newspaper should not be used in nest. The feet of the offspring or even the parents can be entangled in materials such as cotton rope and yarn, causing serious ailments. The dyes on the newspaper will also harm the birds, especially the Cubs.

Zebra Finches do not enter the nest

If my zebra finches do not enter into the nest, they persistently try to nest in irrelevant places, so do not hurry and be patient. The same thing happened to me.

They tried to nest on the perch, inside the food container, and even on the squid bone I put. When they saw that it would not happen after a certain period of time, they started to carry materials into the nest.

Resim graveboda tarafından Pixabay‘a yüklendi

Where should I put the Zebra Finch nest in the cage?

Try to attach it to the top of the cage as much as possible. By their nature, birds feel more comfortable in high places and are easier to lay and care for their offspring.

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