How to understand the zebra finch gender? How much are their prices? Why do they die?

In this article, we will answer questions such as How to understand the zebra finch gender, How Much is a Price, Why Die?

How to understand is Zebra Finch Gender Differentiated?

Zebra Finch gender differentiated is quite simple. Men’s cheeks are more charming and more patterned and have their own singing. Females become more flat colored.

Zebra Finch Gender
Zebra Finch Gender

In addition, the male’s beaks may be Crimson, whereas the female’s beak color may be slightly more orange. But trying to understand by looking at the beak can sometimes mislead.

If you have two same-sex birds in your cage, they fight a lot. The bird carrying material to the nest is a male zebra finch, as the birds of different sexes will already enter the nest knitting trend early.

How much zebra finch prices?

The current petshop prices for 2020 vary between $ 10 – $ 30. Crested and jumbo ones start at $ 50.

What are the types of Zebra finches?

There are hundreds of variations. There are Jumbo and crested zebra finches. However, in general, white and other necklaced zebra finches are fed the most at cage in the pictures below.

Why does Zebra Finch die ?

There may be several reasons for that. The bird may die sooner than normal due to the lack of cleaning and the bird may be infected with bacteria, feeding in an extremely hot or cold place or draining place, feeding with unsuitable creatures such as parakeet or parrot, being stressed by being alone, incubating without constant rest and falling weak.

Do Zebra finches bathe?

They also love water. If they cannot find a place, they are washed in the drinker. I always have a bath in the cage. Just be careful, when the water runs out, they immediately return to the nest.

As a recommendation, when you buy a zebra finch pair, I recommend you to take the moving ones and if you are going to buy them in pairs, you usually buy different colored ones. Those who have the same color have a higher risk of being brothers. In these, the offspring may be more disabled.

A female and male (at least 5-6 months old) who has reached sexual maturity is enough for the zebra finch to mate. It does not have choosing partner features like budgerigars.

That’s all I’m going to write about zebra finch gender differentiated. You can use the comment section below for the questions you want to ask.

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