I should mention that what I will write in this article consists of my own experiences and what experienced people who have nurtured cats around me for years have conveyed. Having a cat requires serious responsibility

First of all, we need to answer some questions about having a cat, and we should not forget that it is not just an animal that you get, but maybe a living alive that will make you a life partner for eight, ten or maybe fifteen years.

Yeah, 15 years, maybe more. It’s very nice for a living creature to live long, don’t think I’m describing it as negative.

I just want to say that that sweet kitty you saw at the pet shop or anywhere else when you were a kitty will grow up in two or three months when you take it home like a toy. If you leave it on the street after he gets used to you, make sure it doesn’t live in the environment for too long.

In this article bringing home a cat, owning – having a cat advantages, disadvantages, its care, difficulties-harms-benefits, is it difficult to look after the cat? I will try to tell you with my own experiences on issues such as.

At the end of the article, I think that the reply some questions like whether I want to have a cat or not in your mind.


When we say which animal can be fed at home or bringing home, most of us think primarily of birds, fish, cats or dogs.

I am currently feeding all of these alives except the dog in my house. So how do I feed the cat at home what I need to pay attention to and what I need to afford to look for answers to these.

Yes, perhaps one of the most beautiful animals in the house to feed, perhaps the most beautiful cat.

Comparing with other alives, it is very difficult to take the bird and love it in your hand, and even it is not recommended for the animal not to stress. Fish, watching the aquarium visually gives the person calmness, but you cannot establish a tactile affinity.

But after the cat is over one year old, they call it like a cat, so to speak, they try to sit around and love themselves. Although face shapes never change, they can be communicated by touching, talking and emotionally.

For example, when they are very happy, there is a voice called “ pur pur (mır mır) ” and there are even physicians who say that this sound is good for the heart. When you take it on your lap and start to love it, it vibrates on your heart. When we first heard about this sound like an engine, I was afraid that cat if something swallowed 🙂

When they are angry or when they see a prey (such as a fly spider or insect), they can quickly shake their tails and make a low-pitched sound.

Cats are very friendly and easy to train. You can get detailed information about their education on the how to get cat training page.


Regardless of the cat tabby cat, sarman or breed cat (scottish, British, Iranian cat, Siamese cat…) you will take home, there is not much difference in your care as a kitten. Especially after 3-4 months, if you are going to feed as a single cat, you can have a hard time getting home from the other environment they are used to.


First of all, you need to supply cat care products. In addition, there will be a monthly expense other than the basic needs you provided initially. You should adopt them by evaluating them according to your budget. You can review the budget calculation on my cat care costs page.

If you have a busy work schedule or are on long-term vacation and there is no one else who can look after the cat, I would advise you not to get a cat.

Because cats shouldn’t stay alone for more than 3-4 days at home. Even if the toilet water and water environment is properly adjusted, maybe it will be up to five days, but it will be offended because it lives like a prison life.


One of the most common issues in our minds is whether there are diseases transmitted from the cat.

One of the most important factors in terms of human health is cat feather. Cats shed quite a lot, especially during the seasonal transitions and in the summer months.

If you have a problem with an allergic sense, consult your doctor to have a cat. If I can tell my own experience, my daughter, especially in the spring, although the allergy did not experience a negative situation, or even the opposite situation, the cat came after the allergy is lost I can say.

Of course, it is best to consult a doctor when the condition is health. Not everyone may have the same reaction.

Other than these, fungal disease may be bacterial diseases such as salmonella. These are more frequent cats that do not have regular cleaning and are out hunting.  We also need to wash our hands nicely after cleaning the cat litter.

Even if your cat is out or not, there is also the possibility of getting fleas by bringing it on you. It happened to me once. Then I got the veterinary external parasite vaccine. Thank God it was the beginning, I guess it passed without much trouble. You can also apply external interference to your cat with the drops of external interference you will receive from the petshop or the Internet.

As an added note, fleas cannot be fed on human blood.


This is one of the most difficult parts of people who say they want to feed cats. We told the health department about the potential harm of cat feeding.

If the people living in the House want to having a cat unanimously, you can definitely handle it. Difficulty-no harm will affect you at all.

It would be a little harder if there was a majority of votes. Especially if the women do not want cat for example mother or wife ?. You can see how to convince them. (coming soon)

If you are a minority do not get involved at all patience or there will always be people to tell you in every distress and the cat will be out the door at the very end unfortunately ☹

If we continue with the possible difficulties in the form of a list;


Perhaps one of the most important think is budget balance when you having a cat. Apart from the basic care products to be taken, there will be cat food, cat litter, which will be spent continuously per month, and especially the first year of the cat’s vaccinations which should be made periodically.

Damage to items:

Whether cats damage items or not is a bit related to their character. With a little education – training you will give it.

Every healthy cat is active for at least 5-6 hours a day. It’s better for him not to be obese. Does it harm my cat goods? Yes, cats are the most curious animals. They like jumping especially love high places.

So what do they hurt most? And is there anything we can do as a precaution?

If your chairs are fabric, they like to scratch the edges, and in a short time they can become a tassel tassel. They can tear the tulle from some parts by scratching it.

Even if you have been trained, they will climb over tables and high places while you are away, and some of your fragile items may land on the ground.

Ways to take precautions to minimize all these; First, get a scratching board (click on the link about how it should be). Cats, by their very nature, feel the need to rub into a semi-hard place as their nails grow longer.

If your cat is not going out, cut his fingernails at a vet or cut them yourself by researching how to do it. I’ve cut it a couple of times from the start.I’m not cutting it right now. I’m used to the damage. He doesn’t scratch when I’m around, but he never forgives when I don’t see him.

You may be intimidated by what I wrote, but the pictures are the total damage a cat has done to the house in two years. Not to be too exaggerated. Of course, I changed the tulle in one of his pictures do not mention. He doesn’t tear my tulle anymore, he adapts himself to the rules of the House over time.

Mating period:

If your cat is female, she begins to cry during the mating period. It makes strange sounds and some even scream. You may have to give up some sleep this period.

If the cat is a male, it can leave a stench in the mating period. In these cases it is necessary to find and mate. Of course, if their age is appropriate.

Feather Problem:

İf you having a cat, whatever you do, cats will shed. If there is excessive feather loss, there may be different problems. But under normal conditions, it is necessary to comb with a smooth cat comb twice a week.

That’s all for now. Of course, the benefits of cat-feeding are too great.

As far as I have researched on the cat feather problem, there is a robot vacuum cleaner named xiaomi roborock s50. When you operate this device with the remote control every day, it collects a lot of feather and also your time is up to you.


It is very useful especially for the development of children who cannot go out much in the city environment. It really makes a pretty good friend for your kids or even adults.

Of course, at first, we should teach our children that the cat is not a toy and that it is a living alive. If the child is not aware of this, there should be no possession of possession if there is potential to torture the animal. Because, as a result, the cat is damaged and the cat can scratch your child while trying to protect itself.

From the biggest troubles of the era to the computer, tablet and mobile phone addiction, the cat takes a little bit. Especially if the cat pregnant and the offspring come, the children start to take care of them completely and a different joy is formed at home.

I’m sure if you want to having a cat, some things have been understood by reading this page. What I am going to write here that’s it for now. You can get detailed information from my other pages.

If you want to add questions and comments to the comments section below you can write.

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