Monthly cost of a cat is a subject that same like many other financial matters. So many different situations can arise depending on the quality of the materials you will buy.

We’re going to talk about wages on average here. The cost of a cat’s home on a monthly basis will be approximately what it costs.

We can group the monthly expense of a cat under three headings. The first is the materials that you should buy first, the second is the monthly standard expenses, the third is the annual expenses that come out of the extra.

Costs of the products you need to buy when starting cat care:

In the cat care products section, we covered what the products you should buy in the first place and what they do. It is worth mentioning again that these prices are average and 2020 current prices.

We owned the cat, firstly must buy;

Cat Carrier:   15 Dollar

Cat food bowl: $ 12

Water Bowl: $ 12

if you want to get the shape of a waterfall 70-80 dollars would be around. See cat care products for making

Indoor cat Litter Box:

$ 60 ($90 if you buy an oversized one. After the cat has filled 6 months, it is worth switching to large paint.)

Cat scratching board:

There is a wide range of prices depending on the size. The little ones are $ 25, but the cat never uses them. I couldn’t get my cats to use it. But the big ones with the play area are about $ 200.

Cat nail clipper: 5 dollar

Cat comb Medium Quality: $ 20

Cat bed:

30 dollar (they don’t use it very much they like to sleep next to you or in carry-on bags)

We need to get them. You can also get a nail clipper, scratching board and cat comb after 3-4 months of age. It is even better for the cat’s development to be taken later for the scratching board. Because it can damage your ankles while scratching.

When we first own the cat, on average, around $ 250 is spent. Of course, if we’re going to own the cat with a fee, we have to add it.

Monthly Standard Expenses:

Monthly a cat has feed and sand costs as standard.

Cat food:

There’s bait that’s $ 70 a kilo, and there’s bait that’s $ 10. The decision on this subject varies according to whether the cat eats the food.

My cat consumes about 1.5 kg of food a month, and on average I spend $ 50 a month on food. Besides, my cat never eats wet food. You can get information about age food on my cats what place page. As long as they drink water regularly, I think there is no trouble.

Cat Litter:

Perfumed Sands create a very bad smell even if you clean the sand regularly after a certain time. So I recommend sand without perfume.

10 kg of litter per month is enough for a single cat. You can get 10kg of medium-quality litter for $ 8.

We can say that the cat’s monthly fixed standard expense is 58 dollars if we say sand + food.

Extra Annual Expenses:

These are a wide range of expenses that you will probably live through during the year. It’s the first year you’ll get more vaccinations. These are approximately $ 400 in the first year. The second year drops to $ 150-200. So if we calculate it monthly, we can say $ 15.

Vitamin supplements. The $ 120 amount depends on the average brand. That’s $ 10 a month.

In addition to this, purchased cat toys, reward food (which I do not need to reward food), such as extra items to buy expenses as 20 dollars per month can be considered.

All these information I write is for one cat. And monthly cost of a cat US $ 80 on average.

You can use the comments section for your questions and suggestions. You can also see information about cats from other links.

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