Cats do not eat excessively, except during pregnancy. They like to sleep more.  In this article you can find these questions answers; what can you feed cats, what human food can cats eat, what do kittens eat etc…

It is necessary to categorize the eating habits of cats from the period of juvenile to adulthood. Extra on this page; Do cats drink milk? Is it necessary to give cat grass, is there an alternative? Is wet food absolutely necessary for cats? How many days do cats starve? You will also find such topics in the content.

What do 1 month old kittens eat ?: 

In the first month, our cats should normally be fed breast milk. However, if you still observe that the mother’s milk is insufficient, you can also prepare the food and give it to your cat.

While doing this, you will need a cat bottle that you can buy at a petshop or pharmacy.

If your cat is too small and not breastfeeding, you can add a little bit of food to the mouth with a syringe.

It is very rare that the mother does not feed her kitten. So do this process by observing very well without being inspired. Because it is not good for the kitten to eat too much, even in very young kitten, there is a risk of liquid leakage into the liver during syringe feeding.

While kittens drink about 7-8 meals of milk per day in the first week they are born, this falls to about 4-5 meals in the fourth week.

Kittens should eat more food because they are growing and need more energy than adult cats.

Also, it should not be forgotten that there must be fresh water near the kittens.

What Do 1-3-Month-Old Kittens Eat?:

After the first month of breast milk 15 days more, i.e. 1.5 months until the Cats breast milk is quite beneficial. Because, just like humans, cats gain immunity to many diseases through Mother’s milk.

Now we have to introduce our cat, which is 45 days old, to dry food. While doing this exercise, we can mix dry food into wet food. Because our cat may not be able to eat dry food directly. But definitely get used to dry food.

Usually 2-3 months old cats have the most dried food with chicken. But if your cat is allergic to chicken, vomiting and diarrhea, you can also use lamb and fish cat food.

It should not be forgotten that kittens ‘ food contains more energy. For this reason, kitten foods should be given instead of adult foods. They will also have difficulty breaking adult foods because they are large.

In addition, after the second month, vitamin supplements for kittens should be given in addition to the food, and the cat should drink plenty of water during this period and even in every period.

I recommend you to read the cat water bowl section in this link to increase the water drinking.

What 3-12 Month Old Cats Eat:

We can feed our cats in this age range with completely dry food and always fresh water, of course. After 11 months, we can slowly mix adult foods.

Vitamin supplements should give the ones for the puppies again. Dec decently, you can also feed it with wet food. Honestly, my cat doesn’t eat any wet food.

When I consulted the vets about it, a lot of them said it was better. There is a greater chance of parasite transmission to our cat from wet foods. So if your cat doesn’t want to eat age food, don’t force it. However, if your cat has a wound in his mouth or tooth problem, dry food is difficult to eat, then you can give wet food.

In order not to be obese, we should not feed our cat with bad excessive dry foods.

You need to create a feeding culture during this period when your cat is now completely switched to dry food. I suggest you read the cat food training section on my cat training page.(coming soon)

What human foods cannot eat cats?

We should especially keep away from chocolate products and besides, we should not give spicy dishes. We should keep our cat away from raisins, onion foods, products containing caffeine (such as tea and coffee), and the foods we make with fatty and tomato paste.

We can boil some food for our cat. My cat, for example, loves corn in boiled water. And when he smells the melon,his eyes turn for love it. You can give foods that are not too sugary and not contain too much.

So, is the cat given milk ?

It is one of the most common questions. Some cats are allergic to lactose in milk. For this reason, lactose-free milk should be given.

If there is no allergy, we should give it by heating the milk and mixing it with water. I give my own cat pasteurized milk by mixing it with water in a bowl once a week.

What do adult cats eat ?:

Feed our adult cats, that is one year old, with dry food prepared for adults. If I tell you my own experience, my cat loves lamb and fish food. I prefer the brands with lamb meat.

You can also feed it once a week with wet food. But if it doesn’t, as I said above, don’t force him. It’s enough for us to have a good drink of its water along with dry food.

After the age of 1 our cat will eat meals at wider intervals. They will eat about 40-50 grams a day.

Also during these periods, give the vitamins prepared for adult cats little by little every other day.

As a recommendation, it would be better to take the vitamins in a tube.

Is it necessary to make cat grass? Do cats have to eat grass?:

Although cats don’t like to bathe, they’re actually very meticulous animals. They lick themselves with their tongues, cleaning them all the time.

They also need to drink plenty of water to do this cleaning properly. They swallow plenty of feathers while licking themselves during cleaning.

These feathers cause indigestion in their stomachs and they try to eliminate this indigestion by eating grass and sometimes vomiting.

In my own experience directly on this subject, I recommend that you buy cat pastes that are sold in the form of malt hair tubes for indigestion beyond cat grass.

I use gimcat malt hair cat paste and I am very satisfied. In addition, since I was in the bird in my house, I planted it in the pot from the feed seeds and my cat occasionally eats the greens.

How many days can cats stay hungry?

A cat can stay hungry for a maximum of 10 days, depending on the environmental conditions. But after a couple of days, body immunity begins to deteriorate. In addition, the cat who does not eat for 5 hours in a very cold environment dies by freezing.

So let’s put food and cat houses outside as long as possible during the cold winter months.

How many days can cats stay without water ?:

It can be dehydrated for up to 3 days. It falls for up to 1-2 days in the hot summer months. Let’s not forget to put water on the streets during the warmer months.

We can also tell that a cat is dehydrated from the shedding of its fur structure and from the fact that it is lifeless.

You can read about what cats eat during pregnancy on my pregnant cat nutrition and Care page. You can also read other articles from my cats category.

For now, this is I will write about what can you feed cats. You can also use the comment section below for your questions and comments.

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